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Island life

One of the reasons that there hasn’t been much happening on this web site for a while is that we’ve just been on holiday to Cyprus. It was the first time we have been there, and overall, it is a very pleasant place – sunny and warm, very friendly people, most of whom speak English, […]

Gone to the dogs?

I’ve had a go before about brewers who claim association with “respectable” places, even though they are based in a place that is maybe a bit less grand – see Dreaming Spires? and I’m going to have another go. Ascot Ales is not based in Ascot, but in Camberley, several miles away. Okay, Camberley isn’t […]


Well, nobody spotted my Archers aberration the other day (Think global, drink local). I said that Pip Archer lived at Bridge Farm in Ambridge, when of course she actually lives at Brookfield Farm. I’ve now corrected the post.

What a fool! I must have had too many pints of Shires at The Bull!


Director’s cut

Ohe dear, what a disappointment. I tried a bottle of Courage Directors (4.8%), now brewed by Wells & Young’s. My first disappointment was when I read the bottle label and found that the ingredients included “Colour E150C”. Obviously somebody has got an idea about what colour a beer should be, and when the product doesn’t […]