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The Yanks are coming

Those nice people at R&R Teamwork have sent me some more beer samples (thanks, Anna Jane) – this time of some American beers that are now being imported into this country and are available in mainstream beer outlets. One was from Brooklyn Brewery and the other two were from Flying Dog Brewery. I have to […]

It’s still Cricket season

Although I thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Cyprus (see Island Life), it has been great to get back to some “proper” beer! On Friday Sarah popped down to Morrisons for essential supplies (not just beer) and in the evening I went a bit over the top and worked my way through a few bottles of […]

Good Old Uncle Sam

I can’t believe that a brewery as well-known as Samuel Smith’s doesn’t have its own website, but I couldn’t track it down, even using the combined might of Google and Wikipedia. I did manage to find some useful information on a Tadcaster local website, but the fact that the banner says “Happy New Year” makes […]

X marks the spot

Perhaps “XB hits the spot” might be better. This is Theakston XB (4.5%). It’s a ruby coloured beer, quite a rich and full-bodied. A very hoppy smell, and a bitter, slightly caramel taste – very nice.

A couple of interesting points about this beer – the first concerns the beer’s name. Apparently, at the time […]

Leader of the pack

Yesterday evening we went to a jazz concert – “Jazz in a Summer Meadow” at Harcourt Arboretum, which is part of the Botanical Department of Oxford University. A the name suggests, it is an open-air event where you can take your own picnic, and eat and drink while listening to the music. The weather was […]

Go West young(?) man!

We’re having a weekend away in Cornwall. It’s a special deal from CAMRA – or rather the St. Austell Brewery CAMRA Club – bed & breakfast in one of the brewery’s hotels at very reasonable rates, plus a free tour of the brewery – so we’re off tomorrow morning, touring the brewery on Monday morning […]

Bitter and twisted

I first heard of Belhaven beers about 30 years ago – this was in the days when you didn’t see beer very far away from where it was brewed – not decent beer anyway. I was working with a bloke who hailed from St. Andrews in Scotland, and he sang the praises of his local […]


I suspect that I was drinking this seasonal beer out of season, but recently I had a bottle of Thwaites Liberation Premium Ale. This beer is normally available around Remembrance Day, and Thwaites donate a portion of the price of the beer to the Royal British Legion. A worthy cause, and so far the donations […]

At the Double

I seem to have tried quite a few different beers recently. This is mainly down to Sarah, who does the majority of the shopping online – so, depending on which supermarket she decides to use, and what beers they have on offer, I get a wide variety of beers to sample. This is great – […]

What’s original about it?

Last night (Sunday), Sarah and I took a stroll up to The Sportsman for something to eat. This is our nearest pub, and we go up there reasonably often for a meal (more often in the nice weather, as it’s about a 15 minute walk). This was one of the first pubs I went to […]