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About the author

Me with a pint of Otter Ale in the Drewe Arms in Drewsteignton
Brian with a pint of Otter Ale in the Drewe Arms in Drewsteignton

Hello, my name is Brian Broadhurst and I like beer!  I’ve always enjoyed beer, but until recently I just took it for granted.  I decided that I ought to know more about the subject and the industry that delivers it to our glass, and that is why I decided to start up this website.  I hope that it will give me the incentive to investigate this fascinating subject and document what I find, so that other interested people can share in this knowledge.

I don’t claim to be any kind of beer expert, just someone who enjoys drinking beer.  I hope that acquiring more knowledge about the subject won’t turn me into an “afficionado” who believes that their opinion about beer is worth more than anybody else’s.  As Alexander Pope said “a little learning is a dangerous thing” and there are many people around who think they know a thing or two about beer, and therefore know better than anyone else.  My enjoyment of beer is affected by my mood, the company I am with, whether I am drinking with a meal, etc. and my opinion of a beer will vary according to a number of factors – so I’m not intending to give “ratings” to beers, just to report on what my experience and opinion of the beer was at the time I was drinking it.
In my “professional” life I am an IT consultant (here is my IT Service Management blog).  I live in Reading, Berkshire (that’s in England for any overseas readers), and I am married to Sarah, who enjoys the odd beer herself.