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About TJOB

The Joy Of Beer is a blog and information website dedicated to the enjoyment and understanding of beer.  The focus is primarily on British beer, but I hope that eventually I will be able to widen the scope and include information about beer from Europe, or even further afield.

I don’t work in or have anything to do with the brewing industry; I am coming at the subject from a consumer point of view.  I enjoy beer – and not just as a means of achieving an alcoholic buzz; there is a lot to appreciate about beer – the appearance, the aroma, the taste – and the camaraderie of enjoying a beer (or two) with friends in a pub or bar.  I’m not a beer “expert”; this website won’t be taking a scientific approach to the brewing process, or to “formal” beer tasting, and it won’t aim to provide a definitive list of beers and breweries.  I want to provide information and opinion that will appeal to the layman who, like me, enjoys a drink of beer, and the information that is provided will be aimed at this audience – and will hopefully enhance their appreciation of beer.  There are lots of other websites that provide more in-depth information, and I will provide links to these when appropriate.

I’m also not a beer “snob”.  I don’t object to a cold can of mass-produced lager to quench my thirst, whereas a purist might draw the line at that. 

Of course the appreciation of beer is inextricably linked to its availability in pubs,  bars and shops, and I will comment on this subject area as well.  Another area that I’ll also aim to discuss is the relationship between beer and food.

The opinions stated on this website are my own – I would be interested in any feedback, supportive or otherwise, so please either comment on my blog entries, or email me at