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Where did summer go?

fullers summer aleDid it ever arrive?  Did I blink and miss it?  I just found some notes I made about a bottle of Fuller’s Summer Ale (3.9%) that I tried a while ago – it’s a seasonal beer that is available in cask as well as bottle form (but not at this time of year) – but if you can find a bottle lurking on a supermarket shelf somewhere, pick it up, as it is a true taste of summer – light in colour and taste, hoppy, aromatic and refreshing – it will bring back (false) memories of those long sunny summer days we enjoyed this year.  When I drank this I thought that if I hadn’t already known that it was a Fuller’s beer, I would probably have been able to guess that it was.  Regular drinkers of Fuller’s beers might know what I mean – there is just something about their beers.  I feel the same about Marston’s beers as well – they seem to have a sort of “signature” taste – maybe it’s the Burton water.

On the subject of seasonal beers, and Fuller’s seasonal beers in particular, we don’t have a lot of Fuller’s pubs in my area, and those that we do have tend to stick to the better-known brands such as London Pride and ESB, so it’s rare for me to get the opportunity to sample a seasonal on draught.  Part of the problem is knowing what seasonals are available at any given time.  Perhaps I’ll keep a calendar of when each brewery produces each of its seasonals – watch this space.

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