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Beer behaving badly

Don’t you just wish that some people would stick to their day job? Neil Morrissey, of “Men Behaving Badly” fame, has teamed up with Richard Fox (of no fame whatsoever as far as I’m aware), not only to buy a pub (Ye Olde Punch Bowl Inn in Marton cum Grafton, near York) but also to […]

Drinking by numbers

A couple of beers with no other connection except they are named after the year in which their brewing companies were founded.

Fuller’s 1845 (6.3%), first brewed in 1995 to celebrate 150 years of the Fuller, Smith & Turner partnership. This is a bottle-conditioned beer, and it is conditioned for at least 100 days before […]

Man walks into a pub

That’s the opening to many jokes and stories – although maybe it resonates with us less these days as, by and large, our experiences of pubs are different from, and certainly fewer and further between than they were during the heyday of the club comedians with whom these jokes are associated. Anyway, that’s a topic […]

The Yanks are coming

Those nice people at R&R Teamwork have sent me some more beer samples (thanks, Anna Jane) – this time of some American beers that are now being imported into this country and are available in mainstream beer outlets. One was from Brooklyn Brewery and the other two were from Flying Dog Brewery. I have to […]

Weedy beer

There seems to be a spate of beers around that have been “flavoured” with unusual ingredients, and Badger (Hall & Woodhouse) is getting in on the act. The other day I wrote about their Lemony Cricket seasonal bitter (see It’s still Cricket season) which is flavoured with lemon grass – and actually tastes really nice. […]

Where did summer go?

Did it ever arrive? Did I blink and miss it? I just found some notes I made about a bottle of Fuller’s Summer Ale (3.9%) that I tried a while ago – it’s a seasonal beer that is available in cask as well as bottle form (but not at this time of year) – but […]

It’s still Cricket season

Although I thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Cyprus (see Island Life), it has been great to get back to some “proper” beer! On Friday Sarah popped down to Morrisons for essential supplies (not just beer) and in the evening I went a bit over the top and worked my way through a few bottles of […]

Island life

One of the reasons that there hasn’t been much happening on this web site for a while is that we’ve just been on holiday to Cyprus. It was the first time we have been there, and overall, it is a very pleasant place – sunny and warm, very friendly people, most of whom speak English, […]