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Twinkle, twinkle

jh_logo2Exactly how much is a “twinkle”?  We tried a couple of bottles of Maple Moon (4.8%) from Joseph Holt.  The bottle says “Full bodied night time pleasure with a twinkle of maple”.  So how much is a “twinkle” and how does it compare, say, to a smidgen?  Joking aside, I wasn’t too sure about trying this beer – I don’t really go for beers that have flavourings added – I find them a bit gimmicky – and the taste of maple syrup is not one of my favourites, so I feared the worst.  Generally I prefer the taste of malt and hops – but I’ll try anything once.

It has a malty smell, and a bitter taste – there is the merest hint of maple, though the taste develops after a mouthful or two.  It’s actually quite tangy and altogether very pleasant.  I was pleased that the taste of maple wasn’t overpowering enough to spoil the beer for me.  By contrast Sarah likes the flavoured beers, and she thoroughly enjoyed her bottle.

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