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Beer to dine for

GK-Hop“The Beer To Dine For” was the former name of Greene King Hop (5%).  It was launched in March 2007, but I’ve only just come across it – and because I like hoppy beers, I thought I’d give it a go.  There is no mention of this beer on the Greene King website – but I wasn’t surprised about that, as there isn’t a lot of information about most of the GK beers.  I dug around the internet, and discovered that the original aim of the beer was to appeal to “younger drinkers who prefer lagers to ales and stouts” (according to Marketing Week).  Well, it looks like a lager – a pale golden colour – and smells kind of like a lager – light, slightly malty, slightly citrussy – and it tastes smooth, but not very citrussy – in fact I thought it had a slightly metallic taste.  It is more bitter than a lager, and I suppose it could be a way of enticing dyed-in-the-wool lager drinkers to try drinking ale – though at 5% it is a bit stronger than most draught/bottled/canned lagers which normally weigh in at about 4%.  It was not unpleasant, but not a beer that I’d go out of my way to find.

So what’s in the name?  I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t taste as hoppy as the name had led me to expect.  The bottle notes mention that Tettnang hops are used – these are more usually found in lagers and wheat beers, so perhaps this is another concession to the lager drinkers that GK are trying to attract.  I found the hop aroma and taste quite nondescript, though the beer is quite bitter, so I suppose the hops were having some effect.

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