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Ashes to Ashes

ashesaleWell we actually beat the Aussies in the Ashes last Sunday, so it might be too late to write about Marston’s Ashes Ale (4.1%) – I’m sure there will be a few bottles of it around for a while, though, and I’d recommend you to try it.  Marston’s have been supporters of the England cricket team for some time – and are fiercely patriotic in their support – especially when it comes to playing the Aussies!  Remember the Marston’s Pedigree Marmite that I wrote about some time ago? (see Marston’s Pedigree – you either love it or you hate it).  The bottle declares (no pun intended) “Definitely not for Aussies” – and it is definitely a typically British beer, certainly not like the ice-cold tinnies beloved of our antipodean friends.

It’s a Pale Ale, very light and drinkable – ideally suited to those long hot summer days that we never seem to get any more.  It has a very biscuity, malty smell, and malty taste with a bitter finish – but a touch of caramelly sweetness.  It is hoppy – but bitter hoppy rather than aromatic hoppy if you see what I mean.  If I hadn’t already known it was a Marston’s beer, I might have been able to guess, as it is typical of their style, and reminded me of their Burton Bitter (which I like very much).

Back to the bottle notes – “Crafted using the finest English hops and barley with passion and desire to beat the Aussies and cheer England to victory”.  I’m just waiting for Marston’s to claim the credit for England’s Ashes win – I’m sure there were a few bottles of their beer downed on Sunday night!

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