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Marston’s Pedigree – you either love it or you hate it

Marston's Pedigree Marmite

Well, what’s not to love about Marston’s Pedigree?  It’s a lovely beer.  No, I’m referring to the special limited-edition Marmite made from the yeast from the Marston’s Pedigree brewing process.  There are 500,000 of these jars, styled to look like a cricket ball, to coincide with The Ashes cricket between England and Australia.  Marston’s Pedigree is “the official beer of England”, and has for a while carried the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) logo.

The added relevance is that Australia has its own version of Marmite called Vegemite, which ex-pat Aussies are constantly trying to source in the UK.

The limited-edition Marmite is available in many stores, including Waitrose, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s – but you’d better be quick – I’ve got mine!  Even if you don’t like Marmite, the jar is an interesting souvenir in itself.

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