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Go West young(?) man!

We’re having a weekend away in Cornwall. It’s a special deal from CAMRA – or rather the St. Austell Brewery CAMRA Club – bed & breakfast in one of the brewery’s hotels at very reasonable rates, plus a free tour of the brewery – so we’re off tomorrow morning, touring the brewery on Monday morning […]

Sole (Bay) traders

Adnams is one of those regional brewers that is proud of its roots in the local community, yet manages to have a significant presence in the wider world. There can’t be many beer drinkers who don’t know of Adnams, and enjoy their beer – I certainly do – well, most of the time… I recently […]

Bombs away!

I’ve previously mentioned the Charles Wells’ Bombadier varieties Satanic Mills and Burning Gold (see Bring me my chariot of fire and Dark Satanic Beer), but I haven’t touched on the “standard” Premium Bitter of that name. Well I had some of it this week – it’s an amber brew – malty and hoppy like all […]

Five thousand year old beer?

5000 years in the making – that is the claim made of its beer by The Orkney Brewery. The claim is based on the fact that the Orkney Islands have been inhabited and cultivated for at least 5000 years – and that long history has culminated in the production of these beers. Sarah […]