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Simply The Best

Well, that’s what Morrisons claim anyway!  Morrisons The Best bottle conditioned ale (6%) – unlike the Poacher’s Choice in the previous post, this is a beer that I could take to, even though it’s stronger than I would usually go for.  It is brewed by the Freeminer Brewery, based in the Forest of Dean (west of Gloucester) – yet another brewery that I have to admit I have never come across before.  They brew a number of cask and bottle conditioned ales – and they obviously don’t have much time left to spend on their website – have a look at it and you’ll see what I mean.

The beer itself is very good – a very powerful taste, quite bitter with a touch of sweetness – malty and fruity, but not over-sweet as some beers of this strength can be.  The bottle claims that six varieties of barley are used – “hand malted in the oldest working independent floor maltings in the UK” – and three varieties of hops – First Gold, Fuggles and Golding.  All in all a very nice beer.  Is it “The Best”?  Probably not, but it’s definitely worth trying anyway.  I’m quite a fan of supermarket own brand beers, as these days they do seem to make an effort to put their name to very high quality products – and you can bet that they will ensure that what the breweries produce is of a consistently high standard.  A gold star for Morrisons for this one.

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