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Simply The Best

Well, that’s what Morrisons claim anyway! Morrisons The Best bottle conditioned ale (6%) – unlike the Poacher’s Choice in the previous post, this is a beer that I could take to, even though it’s stronger than I would usually go for. It is brewed by the Freeminer Brewery, based in the Forest of Dean (west […]

Poacher reprieved – temporarily

A few weeks ago I wrote about Badger Poacher’s Choice (see Full sett). I wasn’t very keen on it at the time, but when Sarah ordered another couple of bottles with the Sainsburys shopping, it gave us the opportunity to give it another try. I’m afraid I’m still not very keen – far too sweet […]

Pure and simple

Purity Brewing Co. are based in Great Alne, Warwickshire. The “purity” bit comes from their commitment to supporting the environment by using only natural ingredients, supporting recycling initiatives and respecting the community – they have even developed a pond and wetland system to treat their waste water, and their spent grain is used as animal […]

Let’s twist again

When I wrote about Belhaven Twisted Thistle, I titled the post “Bitter and Twisted” – knowing, but for some reason ignoring the fact, that there is a beer of that name. Well, in an effort to set the record straight (or possibly to confuse even further), I thought I should sample Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted […]

Bring me my chariot of fire

Some time ago I reported on Charles Wells’ Satanic Mills variety of their Bombardier bitter (see Dark Satanic Beer), and I said at the time that I would look out for the Burning Gold variety. Well, I found it (okay, Sarah did) and tried it – quite appropriately (well almost) on the eve of St. […]

A horse, a horse

Tried a couple of beers from the White Horse Brewery which is located in Stanford-in-the-Vale, which as you might have guessed is in the Vale of the White Horse in south Oxfordshire. This small brewery was started by a couple of former employees of the Wychwood Brewery (which is not far away) and has been […]

Public (house) holiday

Monday was a public holiday (in England at least) and we abandoned the gardening and DIY for a little while to get a change of scenery. We went for a walk around Moor Copse, a local wildlife trust reserve, which at this time of year is carpetted with bluebells – very spectacular. Afterwards we stopped […]

Missing the fun?

It’s the Reading Beer and Cider Festival this weekend – hundreds of beers and ciders available to try. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we are not going to be able to get there. But, do you know what? I’m not really bothered about missing it. I don’t find beer festivals to be the most conducive of […]

Dreaming spires?

I’ll allow a bit of “poetic licence” here – I (or, to be more precise, Sarah) came across a bottle of Oxfordshire Ales Pride of Oxford. The label states “brewed in Marsh Gibbon within the shadows of the spires of the Oxford Universities”. Now Marsh Gibbon is just to the east of Bicester, which must […]

Star turn

I’ve been known to drink a few cans of Carling while watching football on television, and I’ve enjoyed the occasional bottle of European lager, such as San Miguel, but I wouldn’t call myself a lager aficionado – I tend to drink it because it’s cold and refreshing rather than for the enjoyment of the taste. […]