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At the Double

I seem to have tried quite a few different beers recently.  This is mainly down to Sarah, who does the majority of the shopping online – so, depending on which supermarket she decides to use, and what beers they have on offer, I get a wide variety of beers to sample.  This is great – it’s always nice to sample something new, and it’s certainly broadening my experience of beer.  The trouble is that whenever I try a new beer I feel as if I have to concentrate on it in order to properly appreciate it.  Sometimes you just want to pour and drink, without paying too much attention to what it is you’re drinking.  So, I might take a breather from the experimentation, and just have a few old favourites – or at least fewer new ones.  Is there such a thing as beer fatigue?

Meanwhile, there are still a few of my recent adventures in beer that I haven’t yet mentioned.  One of these is Double Maxim Premium Brown Ale.  Brown ale is not a style of beer that I have much experience of – obviously the most famous is Newcastle Brown Ale, and I used to get through a bit of that while I was at University in Lancaster (many years ago), but to be honest it’s not something I normally go for these days.  The Maxim Brewery is also based in the North-East of England; it was founded after the decline of the Vaux Brewery in 1999, and still brews some of the Vaux beers, along with others such as Ward’s, which is a beer I remember from my youth in Sheffield.

“Full of Northern character”, “All flavour, no flannel” – well enough about me……OK then, that’s what it says on the bottle.  It tastes of toffee – and is fruity, nutty, sweet and slightly bitter all at the same time.  It is smooth, neither light nor heavy, and very drinkable.  I enjoyed it, and would be happy to drink it again, but I don’t think that brown ale is really one of my favourite beer styles.  Actually, I’ve had a couple of cans of Newcastle Brown in the beer cupboard for quite a while, and I always seem to pass them over when I’m choosing something – must change that.

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