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The coast is clear

Another brief note to catch up on some beers that I have drunk recently. I recently had a couple of bottles of Adnams “The Bitter” (4.5%). I thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s a very good beer – lovely hoppy, malty smell, full of flavour, dry and bitter, and very refreshing. There is a cask version […]

Return Trip

Well I couldn’t resist going back to The Sportsman to sample some of the other beers in their beer festival. The Greene King IPA (3.6%) was a good start. This is a regularly available beer in The Sportsman, and has become the usual session bitter (which used to be Morland Bitter in the olden days). […]

Enjoy your Trip

Our local pub, The Sportsman in Reading, is having a bit of a beer festival at the moment – half a dozen cask ales – so we popped along yesterday evening for a couple of pre-dinner “sharpeners”. Most of the beers are from the Greene King stable – some familiar ones like IPA, Abbot Ale […]

Sometimes the day job gets in the way!

Not much activity on the blog over the past few days. This is mainly due to me being on a training course – with an exam at the end of it, so I’ve had to spend the evenings revising instead of writing blog posts. Mind you, it is possible to revise while having a glass […]

Which Wych?

In my previous post a couple of days ago I mentioned the Brewers of Character Collection from Wychwood – a selection of 4 of Wychwood’s beers. I’ve previously written about Hobgoblin and Circlemaster, so I thought I’d complete the set and mention the other two in the selection – Fiddler’s Elbow and Wychcraft.

Full sett

I’ve mentioned before that when we buy beer, we often buy the “selection packs” that are usually on offer from the supermarkets we buy from. Actually, although I say “we”, it’s my wife Sarah who does the shopping, and she is really good at finding some out-of-the-ordinary beers, as well as some of the old […]

Bitter and twisted

I first heard of Belhaven beers about 30 years ago – this was in the days when you didn’t see beer very far away from where it was brewed – not decent beer anyway. I was working with a bloke who hailed from St. Andrews in Scotland, and he sang the praises of his local […]

A fourth of the same kind

I posted a few days ago (Three of a kind) about three beers that were all brewed at the Wychwood Brewery. I came across a fourth the other day – another supermarket own brand, but also proudly proclaiming that it was brewed by Wychwood (and why not?). This one is Morrisons Organic Golden Ale (5%). […]


I suspect that I was drinking this seasonal beer out of season, but recently I had a bottle of Thwaites Liberation Premium Ale. This beer is normally available around Remembrance Day, and Thwaites donate a portion of the price of the beer to the Royal British Legion. A worthy cause, and so far the donations […]

At the Double

I seem to have tried quite a few different beers recently. This is mainly down to Sarah, who does the majority of the shopping online – so, depending on which supermarket she decides to use, and what beers they have on offer, I get a wide variety of beers to sample. This is great – […]