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Tangled noodles

Continuing with last weekend’s beer experience, we went down to Bexhill to visit Sarah’s parents (Mothers’ Day on Sunday).  On arriving on Saturday lunchtime, we decided that we would have a Chinese takeaway for lunch, and I plumped for a Special Chow Mein – noodles, plus bits of all sorts of things – beef, pork, prawns, chicken, mushrooms, spring onions, beanshoots, water chestnuts……. so what do you drink with that?  Father-in law offered me a choice of cans – Old Speckled Hen or Tanglefoot.  I know both of these beers quite well, and I know that Speckled Hen has quite a strong caramelly taste that I thought would overpower the food, so I went for the Badger Tanglefoot.  A good choice I think.  For a 5% beer it is very light and, as the label says, “deceptively drinkable”.  Hoppy, and a bit fruity, it was a very appropriate accompaniment for the chow mein.  The rest of the 4-pack slipped down nicely while watching Match Of The Day.

Sunday lunch was at my sister-in-law’s.  My brother-in-law appreciates good beer as well, and sadly I was the designated driver so had to limit myself to just the one.  He gave me a bottle of the Co-op’s Fairtrade Bumble Bee Honey Ale (4.6%).  I wouldn’t have guessed that there was honey in this beer as it was refreshingly bitter – though it was a bit flowery.  According to the Co-op website it tastes of “wildflowers growing on a Chilean hillside”.  I’ll have to take their word for that, as I’ve never been anywhere near a Chilean hillside, and even if I had, I wouldn’t have eaten the wildflowers.  Anyway, the beer is very nice, and went well with cold poached salmon and salad.  I was only sorry that I couldn’t have another to accompany the apple crumble and custard.

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