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Just checking

The other day I posted about the gassiness of Marston’s Pedigree from a bottle (Bottle or can?).  I thought I really ought to give it another chance – just to make sure, you understand.  You might have noticed that I’m quite a regular drinker of Marston’s bottled beers – mainly because we can buy a very interesting 4-pack of mixed beers called Marston’s Head Brewer’s Choice from Sainsbury’s – and get them delivered with the groceries.  The pack contains a 500ml bottle of each of Burton Bitter, Double Drop, Pedigree and Old Empire.  If you can manage it, try each in turn going from weakest to strongest (the order I listed them) – but don’t try it on a school night!  Anyway, the Pedigree was still a bit too gassy – nice beer, shame about the fizz.

Fullers also do a nice 4-pack, including one of each of Chiswick Bitter, Discovery, London Pride and ESB.  Also available from Sainsburys.  The same comment applies about the school nights!

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