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Any port in a …stout?

Last week in my Threshing about post I mentioned that I had bought a bottle of O’Hanlon’s Original Port Stout, and last night I decided to try it.  Oooh, it’s lovely!  It is “enriched with rich ruby port”, but the label doesn’t say how much port there is in there – it comes in at 4.8%, so I suspect that there isn’t a huge amount – however, this is a lovely smooth stout.  It has the typical “burnt” aroma and taste that most stouts have, but it doesn’t have the sweetness that some stouts have – and I think that is to its advantage.  It has a nice stouty head (for a bottled beer), goes down very nicely, and has a smoky aftertaste.  Excellent – will definitely get some more of this.

The bottle notes also offer some food matching advice, suggesting it is “perfect with traditional British fare and Creamy Blue cheeses” – their capital letters, not mine, and it also suggests that there aren’t any British creamy blue cheeses.  The notes go on to say “it also makes an excellent digestif when served at the end of a meal”.  I can vouch for that, as this bottle was my “pudding” after a sumptuous meal of … baked beans on toast.

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