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Beer Diary,…

OK, I know it’s a rubbish play on words, but as the Ronseal ad has it “it does exactly what it says on the tin”.  My intention is to keep a diary of the beers I drink – simple, really.  I hope that it will encourage me to seek out and try different beers, and make me think a bit more about the beers instead of just swigging them back.  I suspect, though, that it is more likely to alarm me about the amount of beer that I consume!  Ah well, everyone has to suffer for their art!

To start off with, I’ve been enjoying quite a tasty weekend, with a few favourite beers on the menu:

Marston’s Double Drop (bottle) – 5% ABV.  This is a pale beer – I’d call it pale amber – it comes in a clear bottle, which I think makes it look very appealing.  It smells a bit “woody”, with a strong scent of hops.  I sometimes find that it is a bit gassy, though not always – it is a bit inconsistent in that respect.  It has a very dry taste, and is nicely bitter (how I like it) with a long lasting bitter aftertaste (that sounds like it should be a bad thing, but it isn’t).  The bottle label talks about the “double dropping fermentation technique and late application of hops” – must find out a bit more about this.

Marston’s Old Empire (bottle) – 5.7% ABV.  Generally I prefer less strong beers, but I’ll try any beer once – and I’ve tried this one several times!  Curiously it looks, smells and tastes lighter and less powerful than the Double Drop described above.  It is very pale, which I think is unusual for a beer of this strength.  It has a lovely smell of malt and hops, but again less powerful than the Double Drop.  It is nicely bitter and quite dry, but does not have a strong aftertaste – which I think is also unusual for a beer of this strength.  I could probably easily mistake it for a weaker beer – at least until I’d had one or two!

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