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Plane drunk

Picked up a couple of bottles of Shepherd Neame Spitfire yesterday – at Lidl – they do a reasonable deal on Spitfire, Bishop’s Finger (also Shepherd Neame) and Wychwood Hobgoblin, for £1.50 each (500ml) and 5 for the price of 4 (= £1.20 each). I know the arguments about cheap supermarket beer taking the trade […]

A bit of a pickle

Friday lunchtime was a “business meeting” at the Jolly Farmer in Cookham Dean, which is pretty much our company’s “staff restaurant”. Rather than my usual Brakspear Bitter I decided to try a pint of Young’s Bitter (3.7%) for a change. This is a very pale straw-coloured beer, very drinkable – light and refreshing, like a […]

Get political to save the pub

We all know of pubs that have closed down because they couldn’t afford to continue in business. Well, it’s going to get worse unless somebody stands up for the protection of pubs and all they stand for. That’s where the Axe The Beer Tax campaign comes in. This is an association of companies and individuals […]

A Jolly good lunch

Off to the Jolly (The Jolly Farmer at Cookham Dean) for a pint of Brakspear’s Bitter. I’ve always enjoyed Brakspear’s ever since I moved to the Reading area in 1975. It seemed like the end of an era when the Henley Brewery closed down in 2002 – but it came back, and since mid-2004 it […]