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Mad? You bet!

As yesterday was my birthday (or, as I like to put it, the 26th anniversary of my 29th birthday) we took the day off and Sarah and I went up to London to visit the Ideal Homes Show. Only plastic beer available in the bars at Earls Court, but there was a temporary bar in […]

Three of a kind

Last night (Friday) I had a bottle of each of three beers that were similar in style and strength. They also had another attribute in common – see if you can tell what it is before the end of this post.

The first was Brakspear Oxford Gold (4.6%). This is an organic bottle-conditioned beer – […]

A great discovery and a strange brew

Just catching up on the weekend’s beer experiences. Friday evening started with a dinner of roast belly pork, so I had the usual snuffle around the beer cupboard and decided on a bottle of Fuller’s Discovery (4.5%). This is one of my regular favourites which we buy in the Brewery Tour 4-pack from Sainsburys. It […]

Think global, drink local

Those of you who listen to The Archers on Radio 4 (that’s everybody, isn’t it?) will know that there has been a storyline recently in which Pip Archer makes an attempt during Lent to eat only food that has been grown or produced within 5 miles of her home, Brookfield Farm, in order to reduce […]

Plane drunk

Picked up a couple of bottles of Shepherd Neame Spitfire yesterday – at Lidl – they do a reasonable deal on Spitfire, Bishop’s Finger (also Shepherd Neame) and Wychwood Hobgoblin, for £1.50 each (500ml) and 5 for the price of 4 (= £1.20 each). I know the arguments about cheap supermarket beer taking the trade […]

Just checking

The other day I posted about the gassiness of Marston’s Pedigree from a bottle (Bottle or can?). I thought I really ought to give it another chance – just to make sure, you understand. You might have noticed that I’m quite a regular drinker of Marston’s bottled beers – mainly because we can buy a […]

Threshing about

I popped down to our local Threshers yesterday evening, to stock up on cold lagers to knock back whilst watching the footie on TV – for some reason I find that I can either focus on the beer or on the footie, but not both, so usually quaff something undemanding when I’m watching footie!

While […]