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Enjoy your Trip

Our local pub, The Sportsman in Reading, is having a bit of a beer festival at the moment – half a dozen cask ales – so we popped along yesterday evening for a couple of pre-dinner “sharpeners”. Most of the beers are from the Greene King stable – some familiar ones like IPA, Abbot Ale […]

Sometimes the day job gets in the way!

Not much activity on the blog over the past few days. This is mainly due to me being on a training course – with an exam at the end of it, so I’ve had to spend the evenings revising instead of writing blog posts. Mind you, it is possible to revise while having a glass […]

Which Wych?

In my previous post a couple of days ago I mentioned the Brewers of Character Collection from Wychwood – a selection of 4 of Wychwood’s beers. I’ve previously written about Hobgoblin and Circlemaster, so I thought I’d complete the set and mention the other two in the selection – Fiddler’s Elbow and Wychcraft.

Bitter and twisted

I first heard of Belhaven beers about 30 years ago – this was in the days when you didn’t see beer very far away from where it was brewed – not decent beer anyway. I was working with a bloke who hailed from St. Andrews in Scotland, and he sang the praises of his local […]

At the Double

I seem to have tried quite a few different beers recently. This is mainly down to Sarah, who does the majority of the shopping online – so, depending on which supermarket she decides to use, and what beers they have on offer, I get a wide variety of beers to sample. This is great – […]

What’s original about it?

Last night (Sunday), Sarah and I took a stroll up to The Sportsman for something to eat. This is our nearest pub, and we go up there reasonably often for a meal (more often in the nice weather, as it’s about a 15 minute walk). This was one of the first pubs I went to […]

Three of a kind

Last night (Friday) I had a bottle of each of three beers that were similar in style and strength. They also had another attribute in common – see if you can tell what it is before the end of this post.

The first was Brakspear Oxford Gold (4.6%). This is an organic bottle-conditioned beer – […]

Think global, drink local

Those of you who listen to The Archers on Radio 4 (that’s everybody, isn’t it?) will know that there has been a storyline recently in which Pip Archer makes an attempt during Lent to eat only food that has been grown or produced within 5 miles of her home, Brookfield Farm, in order to reduce […]

Finger-licking good

You know, I’m getting to quite like these strong ales, even though I keep going on about preferring the lighter, lower-alcohol bitters. Bishops Finger (5.4%) from Shepherd Neame is a very tasty drop of beer – at least for an odd glass, I don’t think I would manage more than a couple at a time! […]

Playing Hooky

Hook Norton Old Hooky (4.6%). I love the motto of the brewery, printed on the bottle label – “where progress is measured in pints”. I’m not sure what it means, but I like it. The bottle notes describe this as “a fruity and full-bodied ale”, and it is certainly very fruity, aromatic and quite sweet […]