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Get a Proper Job

Our tour of the St. Austell Brewery was really interesting – I’ll post more details and some pictures in one of the other sections of the web site when I get time. The fact that we got the tour for free as part of the hotel deal through the St. Austell Brewery CAMRA Club was […]

Saintly beers

We thoroughly enjoyed our brief visit to Cornwall last weekend – the trouble is that since we got back, I’ve been too busy to write about it – that and melting in the very un-British-summer-like heat! Suffice to say for the time being that we sampled a few of the St. Austell Brewery cask ales, […]

Go West young(?) man!

We’re having a weekend away in Cornwall. It’s a special deal from CAMRA – or rather the St. Austell Brewery CAMRA Club – bed & breakfast in one of the brewery’s hotels at very reasonable rates, plus a free tour of the brewery – so we’re off tomorrow morning, touring the brewery on Monday morning […]

Sole (Bay) traders

Adnams is one of those regional brewers that is proud of its roots in the local community, yet manages to have a significant presence in the wider world. There can’t be many beer drinkers who don’t know of Adnams, and enjoy their beer – I certainly do – well, most of the time… I recently […]

Five thousand year old beer?

5000 years in the making – that is the claim made of its beer by The Orkney Brewery. The claim is based on the fact that the Orkney Islands have been inhabited and cultivated for at least 5000 years – and that long history has culminated in the production of these beers. Sarah […]

Simply The Best

Well, that’s what Morrisons claim anyway! Morrisons The Best bottle conditioned ale (6%) – unlike the Poacher’s Choice in the previous post, this is a beer that I could take to, even though it’s stronger than I would usually go for. It is brewed by the Freeminer Brewery, based in the Forest of Dean (west […]

Pure and simple

Purity Brewing Co. are based in Great Alne, Warwickshire. The “purity” bit comes from their commitment to supporting the environment by using only natural ingredients, supporting recycling initiatives and respecting the community – they have even developed a pond and wetland system to treat their waste water, and their spent grain is used as animal […]

A horse, a horse

Tried a couple of beers from the White Horse Brewery which is located in Stanford-in-the-Vale, which as you might have guessed is in the Vale of the White Horse in south Oxfordshire. This small brewery was started by a couple of former employees of the Wychwood Brewery (which is not far away) and has been […]

Dreaming spires?

I’ll allow a bit of “poetic licence” here – I (or, to be more precise, Sarah) came across a bottle of Oxfordshire Ales Pride of Oxford. The label states “brewed in Marsh Gibbon within the shadows of the spires of the Oxford Universities”. Now Marsh Gibbon is just to the east of Bicester, which must […]

The coast is clear

Another brief note to catch up on some beers that I have drunk recently. I recently had a couple of bottles of Adnams “The Bitter” (4.5%). I thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s a very good beer – lovely hoppy, malty smell, full of flavour, dry and bitter, and very refreshing. There is a cask version […]