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Saturday before last, Sarah and I had a trip around the Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire. This was an event organised through the CAMRA Hook Norton Complimentary Club – there are a number of these clubs within CAMRA – generally signing up means that you get sent information, and occasionally special offers. The event – […]

Beer to dine for

“The Beer To Dine For” was the former name of Greene King Hop (5%). It was launched in March 2007, but I’ve only just come across it – and because I like hoppy beers, I thought I’d give it a go. There is no mention of this beer on the Greene King website – but […]

County set

I’ve been a fan of Ruddles County for many years, but unfortunately I haven’t had much opportunity to indulge. It was traditionally brewed in Rutland, and although it was an occasional guest beer in a few pubs, I didn’t come across it too often. Ruddles is now a part of Greene King, and it seems […]

X marks the spot

Perhaps “XB hits the spot” might be better. This is Theakston XB (4.5%). It’s a ruby coloured beer, quite a rich and full-bodied. A very hoppy smell, and a bitter, slightly caramel taste – very nice.

A couple of interesting points about this beer – the first concerns the beer’s name. Apparently, at the time […]

Leader of the pack

Yesterday evening we went to a jazz concert – “Jazz in a Summer Meadow” at Harcourt Arboretum, which is part of the Botanical Department of Oxford University. A the name suggests, it is an open-air event where you can take your own picnic, and eat and drink while listening to the music. The weather was […]

The Young’s Ones

Here are a couple of bottle-conditioned beers from Wells & Young’s that are worth trying.

Young’s Bitter (4.5%). The cask version of this beer is a very pleasant 3.7% session beer (see A bit of a pickle). The bottled version – a bit stronger – is also very pleasant. It has a slightly sweet smell […]

Real Ale and …rain

As predicted, Friday night was a bit damp, though to be fair, the rain did stop, and it did give the opportunity for people to venture outside the marquee later on. It was still a bit cold though, and having found a table with some friends (and being naturalised southern softies), we decided to stay […]

Black and Greene

On Monday evening we went out to the Black Boy at Shinfield. Sarah had acquired some vouchers for a special offer that meant we could get a 2-course meal for a tenner each. The Black Boy is only 2 or 3 miles from where we live, and has seen a number of managers come and […]

Get a Proper Job

Our tour of the St. Austell Brewery was really interesting – I’ll post more details and some pictures in one of the other sections of the web site when I get time. The fact that we got the tour for free as part of the hotel deal through the St. Austell Brewery CAMRA Club was […]

Saintly beers

We thoroughly enjoyed our brief visit to Cornwall last weekend – the trouble is that since we got back, I’ve been too busy to write about it – that and melting in the very un-British-summer-like heat! Suffice to say for the time being that we sampled a few of the St. Austell Brewery cask ales, […]