Off to the GBBF tomorrow

GBBF-logo-2010Just because I haven’t been posting to this blog as regularly recently it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been “carrying out research” in the background (i.e. drinking lots of different beers).  One of the best opportunities for this “research” is the annual Great British Beer Festival, organised by CAMRA, which is held at Earl’s Court in London.  Sarah and I are off up there tomorrow. 

I find the name a bit confusing – if you read it one way it implies that it is a festival devoted to British beer.  That isn’t the case, and there are beers there from all over the world.  In previous posts I have sung the praises of American beers that are finding their way over to Britain, so I was interested in an article in The Independent last week that said that there will be 180 American beers at the GBBF this year.  I’m hoping to sample one or two of them at least.

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