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Beer behaving badly

Morrissey FoxDon’t you just wish that some people would stick to their day job?  Neil Morrissey, of “Men Behaving Badly” fame, has teamed up with Richard Fox (of no fame whatsoever as far as I’m aware), not only to buy a pub (Ye Olde Punch Bowl Inn in Marton cum Grafton, near York) but also to start a microbrewery to supply the beer.  The pub looks nice, and the food looks good, but I can’t say I’m impressed by the beer.  On the bottle, Morrissey Fox Blonde Ale (4.2%) is described as “a hybrid – somewhere between a lager and an ale” – hmm, does that mean that the fermentation happens in the middle of the brew – no, apparently it just means that they use lager malts.  It’s definitely blonde, or pale golden in colour, but I didn’t manage to detect the “aromatic hops” that were promised on the label.  It has a malty smell and taste, but not much bitterness – and not much sweetness either – a bit insipid really.  It recommends itself as the perfect partner for fish – possibly, but then I don’t really like fish either!

The bottle also warns “expect another couple of equally individual beers soon”.  I can’t wait (imagine Jack Dee delivering that line).

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