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Pure and simple

Purity Brewing Co. are based in Great Alne, Warwickshire.  The “purity” bit comes from their commitment to supporting the environment by using only natural ingredients, supporting recycling initiatives and respecting the community – they have even developed a pond and wetland system to treat their waste water, and their spent grain is used as animal feed on the farm (lucky animals!).  The brewery was founded by a couple of former Bass employees, and has been in production since late 2005, though I must admit that this was the first time I had come across their beer.

I had a bottle of their Pure Ubu (4.5% – also available in cask at the same strength) – they also produce Pure Gold (at 3.8% in cask and 4.3% in bottles) and Mad Goose (at 4.2% in cask and 5% in bottles).  Pure Ubu is apparently named after the farm dog.  It’s an amber beer, but quite light, with a refreshing flowery smell and taste – nicely bitter taste and a long bitter finish.  I thought it was very tasty, and it was a shame that I only had the one bottle – must look out for it again, and the other Purity beers.  It’s a 20-barrel brewery, and I’m sure the local pubs would snap them up – the website helpfully lists all their outlets – mainly in the West Midlands, but a handful of London pubs and bars.

They have a modern, fresh-looking website – though I had to Google a bit to find out some of the history of the brewery.

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