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Public (house) holiday

Monday was a public holiday (in England at least) and we abandoned the gardening and DIY for a little while to get a change of scenery.  We went for a walk around Moor Copse, a local wildlife trust reserve, which at this time of year is carpetted with bluebells – very spectacular.  Afterwards we stopped off just down the road at The Greyhound in Tidmarsh.  It’s a Fuller’s pub, and I was hoping for a pint of Chiswick Bitter or Discovery, but unfortunately the only beers they had on were London Pride and ESB (about 4 different draught lagers, mind you).  I had a pint of Pride, and Sarah tried the ESB – both very well kept and tasty, just not what I had been hoping for.

In the evening we decided to go out for a meal, and chose The Jekyll and Hyde in Stratfield Turgis a few miles south of Reading.  It’s a Badger pub, and I was delighted to find that they had Hopping Hare available.  I had the bottled version of this beer a few weeks ago (see Hop to it), and was looking forward to sampling the cask version.  It certainly didn’t disappoint – it’s 4.5%, the same as the bottled, and is light, refreshing and very drinkable – the 3 pints washed down the burger and chips very nicely!

2 comments to Public (house) holiday

  • Nice site Brian. Makes me thirsty to read it. Your article about “interesting” beers from Sainsburys struck a chord, as a selection of such beers (or sometimes ciders) tend to be my birthday and Christmas presents from my daughters. For the rest of the year I’m afraid it’s just cans of the 4% ABV Sainsbury’s Parkin Bitter, which it says is brewed in Leeds and is a good compromise between cost and quality (to me, anyway).

    Of beers local-ish to here, I can recommend both BOB and Cotswold Way from Wickwar Brewery and Old Spot from Uley Brewery.

    Finally, please pass on my best wishes to Sarah!

  • Brian

    Thanks Bob. I’m sure I’ve had the Parkin Bitter before – and I’m sure that since it is from Leeds it will remind Sarah of her University days at Leeds Uni (but I think she was a Guinness drinker in those days).
    I’ll definitely bear your recommendations in mind.

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