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Poacher reprieved – temporarily

A few weeks ago I wrote about Badger Poacher’s Choice (see Full sett).  I wasn’t very keen on it at the time, but when Sarah ordered another couple of bottles with the Sainsburys shopping, it gave us the opportunity to give it another try.  I’m afraid I’m still not very keen – far too sweet and sickly for me.  The bottle says it has “a touch of liquorice for spicy sweetness and damson for a soft, subtly fruity taste”.  I didn’t think there was anything subtle about it – and it reminded me of nothing more than over-ripe cantaloupe melon.  I struggled through it manfully, but I won’t be going out of my way to drink another one.

Conversely, Sarah loved it.  She has always been quite keen on the stronger sweeter beers, and will often have a half-pint of one of those while I swill a pint (or so) of a session bitter.  When we go to events such as the Reading Real Ale and Jazz, she is straining at the leash waiting for the 9pm “watershed” when the strong ales go on sale.  Anyway, Poacher’s Choice is one for Sarah’s list, but not for mine – which is unfortunate, as I don’t like to think that there are beers out there that I dont like – especially from a brewer such as Badger (Hall & Woodhouse) that brew a number of beers that I really love.  Incidentally, I just picked up a bottle of their current seasonal beer – Stinger (with added nettles!) so watch out for a write-up of that in the near future.

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