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Dicky Ticker

I wandered over to another beer blog (The Beer Diary – see my list of other worthwhile beer blogs in the right hand panel).  Now, I’m a comparative novice in the area of beer blogging compared with Tim who runs that site – and I also have a lot less beer stamina as well (a sign of advancing age, I’m afraid).  I realised that I might be turning into what Tim refers to as a “ticker” – someone who focusses primarily on drinking as many different beers as possible, and ticking them off their list.  Looking back through the entries in this blog, there are a few of my posts that just consist of little more than a description of the beer – aroma, colour, taste – and that’s about it.  How boring is that?  At least I haven’t resorted to giving each beer a score out of 10 or anything sad like that.

When I set out on this blogging adventure, one of my aims was to widen the range of beers that I drank – and I admit that I have made an effort to try some beers that I had never tasted before – some that I had never even heard of before – in an attempt to broaden my experience and knowledge of beer – but the intention has never been to try and drink as many different beers as possible.  If I find a beer that I like, I’m more than happy to drink it over and over again.  I want to write about the enjoyment of beer, not just to produce a sterile list of beers and their characteristics.  With this aim of learning more about beer in mind, I intend to add some pages to this site about how beer is produced, and more about matching food to beer (or even the other way round!) 

I even joined CAMRA in an attempt to expand my knowledge (see my CAMRA shy post) – I’ve yet to write about my experience of that organisation thus far…watch this space.

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